How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”

Kern Carter

January 19, 2022

5 Minutes

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Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve made it past the resume round of the job search process and have been asked to come in for an interview. That means an employer recognizes your current abilities and wants to explore your future potential with their company. Not everyone makes it to this step, so you should feel proud. 

But you still have some work to do. You need to prepare for your interview if you hope to land this opportunity. While no two job interviews are exactly the same, one question you can anticipate needing to answer is, “Why should we hire you?”.

Why do hiring managers ask “Why should I hire you?”? 

It’s a bit of a strange question, right? Theoretically, they’re hiring you because they saw your resume and think you can do the job. But there’s more to it than that. When a hiring manager asks why they should hire you, they’re really asking why are you, specifically, the best fit for the job? 

Think of it this way: what they saw on your resume made them curious. They’re intrigued and have a feeling you may be a good fit, butut now they want to be sure. Hiring managers want to know you understand the job duties and can deliver at a high level. Your resume got you in the door; the interview will keep you there. 

How to answer “Why should we hire you?” in an interview

Now that you know why hiring managers ask this question and what they expect, you need to prepare to give your best answer. Here are some steps to help get you confident before you step into that interview. 

1. Brainstorm

Your interview is not the time to wing it. You may think you know why a company should hire you, but brainstorming reasons beforehand ensures you’ll give the best possible answers. More often than not, the process of brainstorming will capture perspectives you didn’t think of, which provides even more ammo for when you’re in front of the hiring manager. 

To get the most out of your brainstorming session, ask yourself these questions: 

  • What are the most important qualifications for this position? 
  • Refer to the job description, so you’re always laser-focused on what the company is looking for. 
  • In which of these areas do you shine? 
  • You won’t be the best at everything the job description details. Identify the areas you’re great at and play those up. 
  • What accomplishments showcase your qualifications? 
  • Don’t just list out why you're qualified; give examples of things you’ve actually accomplished that are relevant to the position. 
  • Think of specific examples that differentiate you from other candidates
  • Here’s where you can include parts of your experience that might not be precisely related to the job description, but still show your ability to do the job. 

2. Structure your pitch

Structuring your answer may seem unnecessary, but it’s actually super important. Once you figure out what answers to include, you need to figure out how to deliver those answers to the hiring manager. 

Here’s how to structure your answer to “Why should we hire you?”: 

  • Write down two to three bullet points of your strengths and accomplishments that make you stand out. 
  • Keep your answers short and concise. You want to get your point across without being long-winded or confusing.

3. Practice

Practice, practice, practice. As much as you can. You want the answers to roll off your tongue with confidence during your interview. This would be the time to utilize our AI interview tool, which allows you to record answers to selected questions and get real-time feedback on points like pacing, energy level, and your facial expressions.  

Example answers for “Why should we hire you?”

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when answering this question. Practice and preparation will go a long way to performing well, but we thought we’d provide some examples of ways you can answer “Why should we hire you?”.

Answer example #1 for a new grad 

“That’s a great question. Based on what you've said today, your company is looking for [this is where you include what you’ve learned through the job description and your own research]. Although I don’t have that precise experience, I have completed projects where I accomplished [list the accomplishments]. I believe those accomplishments, paired with my skills as a [whatever you’re skilled at], will be a valuable asset to your company.” 

Answer example #2 for a developer or designer

“​​I believe that my skills and experience designing [websites, apps, etc] show that I’m capable and prepared to excel at this position. Not only did I design the [website, app, etc.], but I also [state one thing that you did extra]. More than anything, I love what I do and what I’ve already accomplished. Given the opportunity with your company, I know I can bring new ideas and new energy to [name a job duty you found on the job description].”

Answer example #3 for a consultant

“I’m glad you asked. I’m a natural leader and will apply creative and strategic ideas to the clients your company works with. I may not have experience working in a corporate environment, but I know people and I know [name the industry you’re discussing]. I understand how to rally support and push to get things done. My understanding of culture means my recommendations will always be thoughtful, with an understanding of the broader implications.”

Answer example #4 for a marketer

“For starters, I have all the skills listed in the job description, and I'm confident that I can apply those skills in my role as [name the role]. What I think would be helpful, though, is if I tell you of a successful marketing campaign that I was fortunate enough to lead. [explain campaign, keeping it as concise as possible.]”

What if they don’t ask “Why should we hire you?” 

As common as this question is, it’s not guaranteed that a hiring manager will ask it. You may feel like all your preparation was for nothing, but that’s not true at all. First, you can never be too prepared. Brainstorming and practicing for this question will never be a waste of time, because preparation leads to confidence and you’ll need every ounce of confidence sitting in front of a hiring manager. 

The next thing to consider is that, while you may not get the exact “Why should we hire you,” question, you may get something similar. They may ask you “Tell me about yourself,” or “What is your biggest strength?” The preparation you do for “Why should we hire you” will be useful when answering either of these questions. 

Be prepared to nail your interview 

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