How to Apply the Art of Mindfulness to Your Job Search

The Prepped Team

February 27, 2020

6 minutes

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In the webinar, Ashleigh Frankel, Applied Mindfulness and Well-Being Specialist speaks about how just a few minutes a day can help improve your general well-being and make you more motivated in your job search — and beyond.

The art of mindfulness is not something we automatically associate with the workplace, or more specifically, while job searching. Navigating the often choppy waters of the job search process can trigger stress and other negative emotions, so it would make sense that mindfulness is a necessary tool to inherit while you are searching high and low for the job of your dreams. Entering the job search market requires positive habits and practices, so you can remain present and avoid burnout during the process. Learning how to incorporate mindfulness in your everyday life, in addition to your job search requires patience, practice, and the right attitude.

What is mindfulness?

It’s not just a buzzword! Mindfulness is an internal resource that exists within us already. The trick is learning how to access it and how to bring it forward in our practice. Mindfulness allows us to act with intention and learn where we need to place our focus and energy. With practice, you will be able to channel or direct resources in a way that will help you transform your relationship with all things, including stress, family, colleagues, emotions, pain, illness, etc.

The benefits of mindfulness

Research has shown that mindfulness has a positive impact on every single aspect of our well-being. There are many benefits to practicing mindfulness including:

  • Increased creativity and flexible thinking
  • Increased positive emotions
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased focus
  • Stress management
  • Change in the structure of the brain
  • Greater emotional intelligence and resilience

Mindfulness as a superpower for your job search

Practicing mindfulness during your job search will empower you with tools that will help you stay focused, reduce any overwhelming emotions, manage your stress, and avoid burnout. The same practice allows you to thrive by cultivating conditions for high performance when it comes to optimism and self-compassion. The tools you acquire through mindfulness practice will also become useful once you enter the job market.

The art of mindfulness isn’t as intimidating or elusive as it sounds. It simply requires some up-front education and understanding for you to take control of your practice and bring it forward in your career and lifestyle. Watch the full webinar to learn about mindfulness in greater detail, and take part in a guided meditation experience with Applied Mindfulness and Well-Being Specialist, Ashleigh Frankel.
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