How to Find a Job as an Extrovert

The Prepped Team

November 4, 2020

10 minutes

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One of the things that should be considered when you’re searching for a job is your personality. It sounds simple, but do you actually take the time to consider how being an extrovert plays a role in how you find a job you’ll love? You should, because being an extrovert impacts how you communicate and your level of comfort in certain situations. And if you’re tuned into the characteristics of your personality, it gives you a better understanding of how you should approach your job search.

What is an extrovert?

In the simplest of terms, an extrovert is someone who is stimulated by external forces. That generally means that social interactions energize people who are categorized as extroverts. That being said, extroverts are far more nuanced than someone who may be considered the “life of the party.” For example, being an extrovert doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always confident. You can go into a job interview or other situations and be just as unsure as anyone else. The way you handle the discomfort may be different from someone who’s an introvert, and that’s where the difference lies.                     Learn more about finding a job as an introvert.Being an extrovert also doesn’t mean that you’re always the loudest person in the room. Extroverts are capable of sitting with their own thoughts and not being impulsive with their decisions.

Understanding the personality traits of an extrovert

You may be asking yourself, how do I know if I am an introvert or an extrovert? Oftentimes we assume we know based on our behaviour and interaction with others, but it’s not always that simple. There are many tools and exercises available, like an extroverted introverted quiz to determine if you are an extrovert or an introvert. Seek out the resources that suit you best, and when in doubt, lean on the common characteristics and see if they resonate with you. Here are some characteristics of an extrovert for you to consider:

You enjoy socializing

You’re not one who feels anxious around crowds. You enjoy speaking to groups of people, and some extroverts don’t mind being the centre of attention. Being around people gives you energy, and you soak it all up. On the flip side, being alone for long stretches of time can zap some of that energy away. You don’t always need to be around people, but you definitely prefer it.

You talk out your problems

If there’s something on your mind, holding back isn’t your strong suit. You feel a real urge to talk things out with the person who is the source of that problem or anyone else you trust who will listen. While some people can wait and let things stir, you’re much more proactive in your approach to hashing things out.

You’re comfortable taking the lead

Think of how many times you’re with a group of friends trying to make a decision, and everyone shrugs their shoulders. Not you! You don’t mind telling everyone exactly what they should do and how they should do it. You actually enjoy it. And not from the perspective of trying to always be in control. You just know what has to be done and aren’t afraid to say it.

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How extroverts can use their strengths in a job search

Being an extrovert has its advantages when searching for a job. You should know what your strengths are and how to utilize those. Think about this:

You’re less afraid of risks

As an extrovert, stepping into a room with someone you’ve never met and talking about yourself doesn’t scare you. Play on that. You know how great you are and what you can bring to the table if you were hired. Bring all that energy into your interview and let the company know how great you are, too.

You’re more optimistic

Finding a job can be a gruelling process. It’s possible that you may get turned down a lot, and that can be disheartening. As an extrovert, you’re perpetually optimistic. You see the bright side of things and understand that finding a job is a process, and the right career opportunity is just around the corner.

You’re open and approachable

In the overwhelming majority of careers, you’ll need to be interacting with people at some point. That’s why it’s so important for employers to hire employees who can fit in well with their team. As an extrovert, this is where you shine. Put your personality on full display and show the hiring manager that you’re approachable and able to get along with others.

Tips for networking as an extrovert

Don’t just use your extrovert powers for interviewing. The fact that you’re comfortable in social situations means you’ll be great at networking. Networking is all about connecting with others who can help elevate your career or open doors to help get your career started. This fits so well with your personality. What you need to do is apply it in the right ways. Consider this:

Join online groups

Find online groups through social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and spark up some conversation. This shouldn’t be a problem with your extroverted personality. Just be yourself and make sure you’re looking for the people who can support your goals.

Send cold emails

Rejection is not really a thing for you. Of course, you get disappointed if things don’t go your way, but you’re not afraid to stick your neck out there and see what happens. Sending cold emails to people you think can help advance your career or possibly even act as a mentor is a great way to take advantage of your personality.

Take part in virtual networking events

Now that so much of our social and professional experiences have gone online, virtual networking events are the primary way of connecting. Even though you’re not in person, it’s still possible to show off your personality. Maybe you put up a cool background or show your personality through what you’re wearing. Whichever way you show up, do it in all your extrovert glory.

Start your own conversations

You don’t need to wait for anyone to invite you anywhere. Why not start your own thing and invite people into the conversation. What does that look like? Maybe you set up a Zoom call with some of your friends and ask them to invite one person outside of your friend group. Come up with an interesting theme for the call and engage with a few people you’ve never met before.

Jobs best suited for extroverts

To be completely honest, extroverts are likely comfortable doing most jobs, but there are a few worth calling out. These jobs allow extroverts to consistently interact with clients and customers and express their opinions. They’re also jobs that keep you in constant contact with your team so you’re always communicating with groups of people. The top jobs for extroverts include:  

  • Sales Rep
  • Flight Attendant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Construction Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Politics

Let Prepped help you be your best self

You shouldn’t look at being an extrovert as anything less than a positive thing. You’re fun, outgoing and genuinely enjoy being around people. What’s great about an extrovert's characteristics is that many of them can help in your job search. But you still have to know the foundational elements of securing a job, and that’s where Prepped can help. Sign up for Prepped training and tools created by HR professionals that you need to succeed in your job search.