The Do’s and Don’t's of Interview Thank You Notes

The Prepped Team

March 10, 2020

4 minutes

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You just finished your job interview. Phew. Other than your obvious sweat circles, things went quite well. You want to hit a home run, so you consider sending a thank you note. You don’t want to send it too soon, as not to sound desperate. But send it too late, you may fall off the radar. Then again, you aren’t sure if you need to send a thank you note at all.

To send (or not to send) a thank you note, that is the question

The obvious and simple answer is yes. As part of your job search, you most definitely want to send a follow up thank you note following an interview. Since it’s almost 2020, email is perfectly acceptable. However, depending on the job or the nature of the interviewers, you may consider breaking out the stationery and pen a handwritten note (in addition to the overly-convenient email.)Looking for more interview tips? Read more about the most common interview questions.

Why send a thank you note?

A thank you note is a very important part of the job interview process. It’s the cherry on top of an otherwise perfect interview sundae. Most HR managers and interviewers would agree that a follow up thank you is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a suitable candidate for the job. In fact, it may be the very thing that puts you ahead of some stiff competition.

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How soon after an interview should I send a thank you?

You don’t want to be too eager, but you don’t want to get lost in a sea of candidates. Consider sending your follow-up email within 24-hours of your interview.

What should I write in a thank you note?

Thank you for asking. First of all, keep your message brief. Your subject line should be professional, short and name the interviewers. For example, “Thank you, Firstname and Lastname.” The body of your email should begin by expressing your gratitude to the interviewers for taking the time to meet. Feel free to recap some of the highlights from the meeting and let them know you’re looking forward to next steps. If you’d like some handy templates to guide your post-interview thank you note, Prepped has your back. View our list of interview thank you note samples.

Before you go: the do’s and don’ts of the interview thank you note

DO always send an individual thank you note to everyone involved in the interview process. DO send the note in the same way the company initially contact you (via email or LinkedIn.) DO send your thank you note within 24-hours of the interview, while you’re still fresh in the interviewer’s mind. DO proofread your note thoroughly.DON’T send multiple follow up emails. One is sufficient. DON’T send a thank you email from your hotmail account that you made when you were 10. Okay, DON’T spell the interviewer's name wrong! This small error could completely discount your email and undo your chances of landing your dream job. DON’T be too casual by sending memes, emojis or GIFs. Keep it profesh, okay? DON’T send a thank you note. The best job candidates take the time to thank the interviewer for their time, even if the interview didn’t go as well as they hoped. Follow-ups are an essential part of building authentic business connections and keeping yourself at the front of the line. Who knows what future opportunities may arise?

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