Top 5 Industries Still Hiring During the Pandemic

The Prepped Team

June 12, 2020

4 minutes

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Before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit, there were already challenges jobseekers faced when trying to get a job. The world is shifting, the types of jobs are changing, remote work has increased competition, and so many entry-level jobs expect you to have at least some level of experience. The pandemic has stalled the economy, and you’re probably confused about what you should do next. Should you be looking for a job? Who’s even hiring right now? These are questions that need to be answered and Prepped is here to help you navigate the confusion.

First things first, don’t stop your job search

We know how frustrated you must be right now. It seems like the entire world is at a standstill while you’re just at the point of trying to get your career started. While it’s normal to be frustrated, don’t let that cause you to stop your job search. It’s actually quite the opposite. Now more than ever, you need to find ways to make connections with employers. You need to scale up your network, so those who can influence your career are aware of who you are and what you’re capable of. While it might take a unique approach to find your next job, nothing should deter you from continuing your search. You’ll need to know where to look, so let’s talk about that now.

5 industries that are hiring during the pandemic

There are always opportunities during a crisis, you just have to know where to look. During the current pandemic and subsequent quarantine, many industries have had to either adjust or shut down altogether. Luckily, others have found a way to endure or, because of the nature of their industry, happened to be equipped to thrive during this circumstance. Here are five industries that are still hiring.

1. Shipping

Products still have to move from one place to another, even if some of those products are being prioritized over others. Delivery and courier services are experiencing demand usually reserved for the Christmas season. This could be a good way to earn some money, even if it’s just during the summer.

2. Online educational companies

Being at home has increased people’s appetite to learn. From students to seniors and everyone in between, online learning has become a tool for anyone to either casually pick up a new skill or more seriously, an essential tool for learners to access vital information through some form of curriculum.

3. Work from home opportunities

This isn’t exactly an industry that’s hiring, but more of an opportunity. Whatever skills you have, now is a time you can put those skills into action from your home. Maybe you’re good at accounting. Great! People need to figure out their finances now that work has become uncertain. Administration, IT and communications all fall into the same category. If you can do it, find someone who needs those services.

4. Customer service  

There are going to be so many questions as we transition back into some form of a familiar economy. If you’re looking for a way to participate without physically working on the front lines, consider customer service. Companies are going to need employees to answer questions, and that can be your way in.

5. Remote meeting companies  

It’s no secret that companies like Zoom and Slack have become nearly essential since the early days of the pandemic. They’ve allowed friends and family to keep in touch while also being a tool for work meetings and communication with coworkers. They’re looking for people to join their team to keep up with the demand and expand and cater to their offerings.

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What can you do while you look for work?

It’s important that while you continue your job search, you’re always finding ways to stay active and mentally stimulated. Here are a couple of ways to do that:

  • Volunteer — Now more than ever, there’s a real need for volunteers. Food banks, Red Cross and United Way Canada are just a few places you can lend your time. Also, think about local businesses that need help. They’ve been put in a difficult position where they might not be able to pay you. But if you’re able to help them out now and it happens to be an industry you’re interested in, why not volunteer? When it comes time to hire again, you’ll be first on their list.
  • Keep learning — We mentioned that online educational platforms are an opportunity for you to find a job and earn some income, but they’re also a means for you to level up your knowledge. You have to be proactive about your learning right now. Online platforms are a perfect way to build up your skills, so when you finally do land that job, you’ll exceed expectations. Plus, it’s important to note that even when you do start working more formally, you should never stop learning.

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Prepped is preparing you for your future

We know it’s tough, but try your best not to get discouraged over job rejection. It’s difficult for everyone right now, but Prepped is here to help you make the most of your job search.  Learn proven job search skills that will get you results, at your pace. Sign up for Prepped, it’s free!