Why You Should Host a Boomerang Online Experience This Summer

The Prepped Team

May 14, 2020

6 minutes

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It’s fair to say that your plans for this summer will have to be a little bit different. Any ideas about travelling or fulfilling your summer job search right now don’t seem likely, so the question becomes, how are you going to fill your time? If you’d like to find a way to still utilize your skills and impress future employers, then a virtual workshop might be the right option for you.

Host an online experience with Boomerang

We know many of you are feeling at least some anxiety around your future. Summer was your chance to intern or get started on a job that you’ve been excited about since forever. And while it’s OK to be disappointed, there’s still an opportunity for you to make use of your skills in a way you likely never considered. Boomerang is currently looking for people like you to host online experiences. They’ve built a community based on connections with members who are active and eager to learn new skills. If you’re willing to share your skills by leading groups in virtual sessions, then this may be the opportunity you’re looking for.

What you get by hosting a Boomerang experience

There are some real benefits to hosting with Boomerang.

  • Show off your creative side — Creativity is one of the most in-demand soft skills you can possess right now. In fact, LinkedIn did a study and ranked creativity as the number one soft skill that employers are looking for. By hosting a workshop, you’ll get to develop your own curriculum and find creative ways to deliver your message while capturing the attention of your audience. Hosting will also keep your skills sharp and help fine-tune your creativity.
  • Show future employers that you’re adaptable — Imagine stepping into your next interview and telling an employer that while there weren’t any summer jobs available, you found a way to put your skills to use and remain productive. That’s a clear way to separate yourself from other candidates. Employers want to know that you can function in unpredictable environments. This certainly qualifies.
  • Improve your communication and presentation skills — If you hope to advance in any corporation, you’ll need to demonstrate you can lead small groups. Speaking to any group of people isn’t always easy, and getting them to follow your lead takes even more skill. Hosting a workshop allows you to practice the way you present and communicate with a diverse group who is looking to you to learn something new.
  • Get feedback so you can get better — Listening to feedback is a proven way of upskilling. After every workshop session, Boomerang sends out a survey to those who participated. You’ll have access to these responses and can use those insights to improve your skills. This will also be helpful in future interviews. You’ll be able to tell your employer about a time you took constructive feedback and implemented those critiques to strengthen your weaknesses.    
  • Learn to manage personalities — Not everyone in the virtual room is going to learn at the same pace or be completely receptive to the way you deliver the workshop. That’s OK. Part of hosting is being able to manage the different personalities so that the experience is fair and useful for everyone who participates.

The step-by-step approach to job search success.

Get started

Ideas for workshops you can host

Applying to become a host for the Boomerang community is easy. The team at Boomerang is ready to consider a range of topics that would be relevant to the community. Here are some thought-starters:

  • How to take and edit photos of food with your phone camera
  • Dance, yoga or exercise classes
  • How to get the most out of Zoom and make your background fun
  • How to garden indoors all year round (or seasonally!)
  • Baking or cooking your favourite food from scratch
  • Running a book club on your favourite summer fiction book
  • Painting, drawing, or other visual arts - digitally or non-digitally
  • Sewing, knitting, crocheting or other handicrafts
  • Discussion groups on relevant topics
  • How to use your favourite apps and filters (SnapChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.)

Current workshops happening right now

Boomerang runs several online experiences every week. If you’re having a hard time coming up with workshop ideas on your own, maybe these will spark some inspiration. Creative workshops:

  • Faux calligraphy
  • Knitting, sewing & handicrafts
  • Painting, drawing & visual arts

Lifestyle workshops

  • Book clubs
  • How to make a fruit tart or bake various dishes

Wellness workshops:

  • Yoga
  • Group reflections
  • Mindfulness and meditation

Sign up to become a Boomerang Host

You have a choice right now. While you’ve been dealt a difficult hand over the past few months and into the summer, you can still choose to make the best of it. While hosting workshops may not have been on your list of to-dos this summer, it’s an opportunity you should take advantage of. Be confident in the fact that you will be working one day soon, and when that day comes, you want to be prepared despite the very real obstacles you’re being faced with right now. Apply to host with Boomerang. Upskill yourself by building the soft skills you need and that are in-demand by employers across the world.