How Cambrian College gave over 11,000 learners a competitive edge in the job market.

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Prepped helped Cambrian show prospective students just how committed they are to helping their graduates find meaningful employment. Access to Prepped, when offered as part of the admissions welcome package, enabled Cambrian to deliver a differentiated recruitment experience for prospective students.

Helping Cambrian College stand out with prospective students  

Cambrian College is Northern Ontario’s largest college, with a main campus in Greater Sudbury and satellite centres in Espanola and Little Current. It has a vibrant community of more than 11,000 learners, with over 4,700 students in 90 full time programs and over 6,000 students in almost 900 part-time courses and programs. 

In 2021, Cambrian was looking for a tangible way to help their school stand out to prospective students. With Prepped’s digital platform of job-search tools and exercises, Cambrian was able to provide career support to their students before they set foot on campus. As the first post-secondary institution in Canada to offer Prepped to its students, this became another reason for students to choose Cambrian College. 

“...Our goal at Cambrian is to make sure every graduate is prepared for success in their chosen career fields. [...] Prepped will help give our students a competitive advantage when they begin searching for career opportunities because it ensures they start that preparation and planning from the first day they say yes to Cambrian.”

Paula F. Gouveia, PhD. Vice President, Academic Cambrian College

The student experience with Prepped 

Scientific studies show that, when undergoing a job search, having a specific set of skills can make it up to 6x more likely for a candidate to land a job.¹ Prepped’s tools and exercises are based on these findings and designed to help students focus their attention in order to gain the knowledge and build specific skill sets empirically linked to more successful job search outcomes.

Cambrian informed prospective students about their access to Prepped before they made a decision whether to accept the school's admission offer. From there, students were able to visit a dedicated landing page to learn more about Prepped and create their account. 

“Cambrian students are thirsty for knowledge. They are ready to start their careers upon graduation and Prepped gives them that competitive advantage. Students have expressed an increased need for flexible programming to suit their busy lifestyles, which Prepped provides by allowing 24/7 access to their valuable resources.”

Renee Scott Director of Recruitment and Student Services Cambrian College

After completing Prepped’s onboarding, students were able to navigate through a learning library of exercises, templates, and tools covering a range of topics from how to build a career vision to how to network, build a resume, and prepare for an interview. Students were free to explore topics in the order that best suited their individual needs. Courses on how to build a career vision and how to discover talents were two of the most popular exercises completed by Cambrian students.

Supporting students’ needs for the future 

Working closely with Cambrian’s VP of Academics and Director of Student Success and Recruitment, Prepped helped Cambrian deliver a differentiated recruitment experience for prospective students. The data gained from Prepped’s platform also provides Cambrian with valuable learnings, including insight on student needs for job search support and how their needs change over time. Prepped is dedicated to continuing to work closely with post-secondary institutions like Cambrian College to uncover more ways to leverage technology to help more students successfully launch their careers.

Together, we can help more students launch their careers

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