How Prepped can help support employees impacted by layoffs or restructuring

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Providing terminated employees with job-search support doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. Prepped’s digital platform provides companies with a cost-effective, flexible, and simple way to help terminated employees build skills empirically linked to more successful job outcomes. 

Job searching can be stressful

Starting a new job, or searching for one, can feel both exciting and daunting. Employees start job hunting for many reasons, often for advancement, career development, or personal reasons. For some, it can be the result of an unexpected layoff, company restructure or termination. This can be a very trying time, bringing many unknowns –– the biggest being how long it’ll take to secure the next job. While there’s no magic wand, offering employees some level of placement or job-search support can help ease their anxiety and stress. 

For companies, offering this support to terminated employees can be costly and time-consuming. It’s why organizations look to Prepped, a digital platform that offers job search exercises and tools, as a cost-effective and simple way to provide meaningful support. Taking this step to provide support can also help reduce reputational risk for the company overall and its employer brand. 

The benefits of support from Prepped

Scientific studies have shown that, when undergoing a job search, having a specific set of skills can make it up to 6x more likely for a candidate to land a job.¹ Prepped’s tools and exercises are based on these findings and designed to help job seekers focus their attention in order to gain the knowledge and build specific skill sets empirically linked to more successful job search outcomes.


People who are proactive in their job-search can be up to 6x more likely to get a job


People who are taught how to put their best foot forward in their job search can be up to 3x more likely to get a job


People who develop confidence or self-efficacy around job search behaviours, can be up to 3x more likely to get a job

In addition to interactive exercises that span topics from how to define a career vision to how to network and successfully interview, Prepped also offers resume and interview feedback tools. These instant feedback tools help two out of three users surveyed improve how confident they are about their job search skills.

When using our resume scanner, job seekers get a resume score out of 100, supported by feedback on the format, its impact, and how well it matches the chosen job description. On average, job seekers increase their initial resume scores by 19%. Our AI Interviewer tool helps job seekers practice responding to common behavioural interview questions and provides them with feedback on their tone, speed, facial expressions, and more to help them build confidence ahead of an interview.

Flexible solutions to meet different company needs

Companies have the flexibility to choose the quantity and duration of a Prepped license to meet their specific needs with minimal lead time required for fulfillment. Instructions and messaging templates are also available to help companies describe Prepped’s benefits to team members and how to redeem their access. For an employee, accessing Prepped is simple, they simply create a Prepped account and insert a code. From there, job seekers are free to navigate all of Prepped’s resources or choose to focus on the areas where they need the most support.

“ Our partners appreciate how simple and flexible the process is to provide access to Prepped for impacted employees. It can be done with as little as 1 week notice.”

Erin Godard General Manager, Prepped by RBC Ventures

Every job seeker and company is unique and that’s why Prepped offers flexible solutions to help companies support their employees and, in turn, help job seekers successfully launch the next phase of their career.

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