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Improve your interview skills

How it works?

Select an interview question to answer

Choose one of dozens of commonly asked interview questions covering topics from "teamwork & influence" to "delivering under pressure".

Record your interview response

You'll have 2 minutes to answer your interview prompt. The STAR framework (Situation, Task, Action, Results) will help you give more structured and confident answers.

Receive feedback in real-time

Prepped AI Interviewer will analyze your pacing, energy levels and facial expressions. Get feedback on areas you can improve, implement the changes Instantly, and re-record your video.

Acing your next interview starts with practice and Prepped AI Interviewer

You can start improving your interview skills today with Prepped AI Interviewer. Record responses to common interview questions and get real-time feedback to help you ace your next interview.

AI Interview response feedback

Practice makes perfect! Real-time feedback helps too

Prepped AI Interviewer is your practice hub. You can record, review and reflect on your interview answers. Then, when you’re ready, submit for feedback and practice what you’ve learned.

STAR framework

STAR Framework is a great place to start

Before you answer an interview question, think about STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Results). This framework is designed to help you structure your answers so they are more relevant and compelling.

Video recording tool

It’s all in the delivery – and feedback

Recording your delivery is a time-tested method of improving your performance. Watch your pacing, tone, energy, facial expressions, or the use of filler words (like, um, ah, so). Unbiased reactions from Prepped AI Interviewer can really help.

Start by recording your interview answer

Find out if your pacing, energy and delivery are as good as they can be. Review, reflect and re-record. Practice makes perfect.

Practice interviewing now

What Prepped users are saying

Garret F.

"I began using Prepped soon after moving to a new city, in a new country. Prepped provided practical ways to develop and grow my network both personally and professionally. Through a variety of useful preparation exercises and activities, I landed an opportunity in a tough-to-crack industry (music and entertainment). Anyone and everyone could benefit from trying this out." ~ Garret F.

Frequently asked questions about AI Interviewer

What’s the best way to practice for an interview?

Practicing interviews will build your skills and confidence in answering questions. It’s important to make the practice interview as real as possible. So, dress the way you would for a real interview, prepare questions that an interviewer might ask, answer them out loud, make eye contact and smile.

And, since all of our interviews are taking place on video calls due to COVID-19, your video practice will give you a real sense of what the interviewer will see. Prepped AI Interviewer is a great tool to practice answering common interview questions, and our interview practice tool will give you feedback on pacing, facial expressions, energy levels, and more!

What is a practice interview called?

Sometimes called a mock interview, or practice interview, you could even call it a rehearsal. The important thing is practice.

How do I use Prepped AI Interviewer?

Choose from 7 topics and then select 1 question from that topic. You can record yourself answering that question for a maximum of 2 minutes. Then, our AI software will provide feedback on clarity of speech, energy levels, facial expressions and more.

How many times can I use Prepped AI Interviewer?

With the Premium plan you can make 5 interview video recordings. With Premium Plus, you have unlimited interview video recordings.

What kind of questions are included in the Prepped AI Interviewer?

You have a choice of 38 different common behavioural questions that you can practice with. Everything from leadership questions to questions about performing under pressure.

Who can benefit from Prepped AI Interviewer?

Whether you’re after your first job or your dream job, anyone looking to improve their interview skills can benefit from Prepped AI Interviewer.