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2022 EdTech Cool Tool Awards finalist
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Why Prepped?

Reach more students

Exercises, templates and feedback tools are available 24/7

Streamline coaching

Easily identify areas for coaching with our Career Coaching Portal

Empower students

Teach job search fundamentals before the first appointment

Career Coaching Portal

career coaching portal

Track student progress

View aggregate and individual level data from your dashboard

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Identify coaching insights

Assess students’ results to identify areas for coaching

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identify coaching insights
branded experience

Branded experience

Customize the portal with your career services’ branding

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Our story

Founded in 2018 by HR professionals, Prepped uses technology grounded in science to help empower college and university students to navigate their job searches more effectively.

Our digital career resources make it simple to help students plan, prepare, practice and get feedback as their job searches progress.

95,000 users

Over 95,000 users have joined Prepped since 2018


2 out of 3 Prepped users report being more confident about their job search after using Prepped²

66% users report being more confident

Our exercises receive an average rating of 4.3/5

What our partners have to say:

Cambrian College

Prepped is designed with students in mind. Our goal at Cambrian is to make sure every graduate is prepared for success in their chosen career fields. This means providing them with opportunities to learn inside and outside of the classroom so they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to not just do the job, but to excel. That requires that they invest in preparing for those careers from day one.  Prepped will help give our students a competitive advantage when they begin searching for career opportunities because it ensures they start that preparation and planning from the first day they say yes to Cambrian.”

Paula F. Gouveia, PhD.
Vice President, Academic
Cambrian College

General Assembly

As a career coach, I’m always looking for tools that can support people throughout their job search and Prepped has proven its value many times. The platform offers structure and insight, both of which are essential in an effective job search. 

The tools and resources are in depth yet easy to use and are structured in a way that people can access them when they need them. I’d particularly recommend the Resume Manager for anyone wanting to know if their resume is fit for purpose!

George Brumfitt
Senior Career Coach

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