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The University of Lethbridge wants to facilitate your personal and professional development. That’s why they’ve partnered with Prepped, a free digital platform that empowers you to learn proven job search skills that increase your chance of landing a job by up to 6x¹.

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Prepped is based on proven science to build the search skills top employers are looking for. Oh, and we have cool tools that actually work!

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to use this as a University of Lethbridge student?

Definitely not, your participation is completely voluntary. The University of Lethbridge is offering you Prepped to support your career development.

How long will I have access to Prepped?

As long as you’d like and subject to our Terms and Conditions. When joining Prepped, you become a user of Prepped.

I am already a Prepped user – can I use my existing login?

Yes! We hope you’re enjoying Prepped and feel more committed to following your learning and plan knowing that the University of Lethbridge is recommending it as a valuable resource and tool.

What is Prepped?

Prepped is a personalized digital program that provides guidance and training to help you navigate your job search. Designed by HR experts and based on science¹, Prepped guides you by breaking down the search, providing learning modules, short videos and simple exercises that increase your chances of success.

Why is the University of Lethbridge offering me Prepped?

The University of Lethbridge wants to facilitate your personal and professional development by helping you to discover your potential, develop confidence and inspiring you to pursue your career passions. Their partnership with Prepped is just one way they’re supporting you. We hope you benefit from and enjoy the tool!

¹.Songqi Liu, Jason L. Huang, & Mo Wang (2014). Effectiveness of Job Search Interventions: A Meta-Analytic Review. Psychological Bulletin, 140, 1009-1041.